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To seek further fulfillment as Japanese Leading General and Specialized Maker of High Pressure Cleaner

It is now globally clamored for natural protection and environmental cleanup. Past Production first and mass production and consumption leads endless natural destruction and finally drive human living environment itself to the irrevocable level. It is the real starting point of maintenance to take care of nature, that is to say, to take care of things. For long time developed social overhead capital and assets both of corporate and private, it is not possible to be materialized without importance of maintenance. Size of the social mission of High Pressure Cleaner as the most important device for maintenance is incomparable with any other devices. Our company, realizing as the Japanese Leading General and Specialized Maker of High Pressure Cleaner, has been preparing and further developing research& development, manufacturing system and sales & after sales service to comply with every industrial needs. We have been making efforts to develop peripheral technology by actively promoting technical and business tie-up with Japanese as well as overseas such as Europe. Shinsho has been ready with system that can cooperate to customerfs further business expansion providing customers with long time intently fostered cleaning know-how by High Pressure Cleaner business. As for the sales and after sales service, for customers to actively develop large size and special cleaners, Shinsho has been fulfilling staff and dealer training and holding gcustomer the firsth policy with password of gimmediate and timely service systemh. You are cordially requested to expect the future of Shinsho and to extend support to Shinsho as the General and Specialized Maker of High Pressure Cleaner.

President and Representative Director
Satoshi Shogatudani