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Countermeasure for Environment
Shinsho Hiroshima Plant Acquisition of Environment ISO14001

Shinsho Co., Ltd has been considering importance of High Pressure Cleaner as Environmental Devices and, at Shinsho Hiroshima Plant, has been carrying out Environment Management System ISO1400 and promoting recycling / reuse and has been making efforts to reduce environmental burden.
Shinsho has also been endeavoring saving energy and low-emission from the designing stage.

Environmental Policy of Shinsho Hiroshima Plant

Environmental Philosophy

Under the current environmental situation that has been getting more serious, Shinsho Hiroshima Plant, all the managements and staff are considering together and would contribute through the business activities of Design and Manufacturing of High Pressure Cleaner, to establish recycling type society and to reduce environmental disruption by reducing waste and promoting recycling.

Environment Policy

Environmental Policies are as follows;
1.Shinsho Hiroshima Plant would build and carry out the proper Environmental Management System taking environmental effects by its business activities into consideration.
2.Conducting the regular review, to make continuous efforts to improve Environmental Management System and to prevent pollution.
3.To obey environmental legal requirements relating to environmental aspects of Hiroshima Plant and other requirements that Hiroshima Plant has accepted.
4.To establish Environmental Objective and Environmental Goal and to carry out review of Environmental Management System by periodical internal auditing.
5.To enforce this Environmental Policy all persons who are concerned with environmental activities at Hiroshima Plant.
6.To open this Environmental Policy to the pubic.

May 5,2005 Shinsho Co., Ltd
General Manager, Hiroshima Plant
Akinari Ando